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Scenting Fire Hydrant

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The Scenting Fire Hydrant gives you an added edge on potty training your pups, young and old.

Your dog’s instincts kick in when you offer them nature’s strongest potty cue: the unique scent of their own urine.

Shorten the time and lessen the frustration involved in house training.

How to scent the Fire Hydrant:

  1. Wipe up a urine accident with a clean, damp paper towel before cleaning up the mess. Transfer the scent by wiping the now soiled paper towel on the Scenting Fire Hydrant
  2. Take a damp, clean paper towel with you when you take your dog out to potty *. You can either slide the paper towel directly underneath your squatting pup to catch the urine, or you can blot the spot where they pee. Again, transfer the scent by wiping the soiled paper towel on the Scenting Fire Hydrant.

* Pro tip: line the damp paper towel with plastic wrap to avoid getting urine on your hand.