How the Porch Potty Helps You And Your Pup!

Say “Goodbye” to half-awake 2:00am trips down stairwells or elevators forever and remove the distractions of other “fun scents” and critters that make potty breaks extra long.The Porch Potty also improves the quality of life when mobility is limited due to age or injury, for dogs and owners alike.

  • Set Your Water Timer

    Add the water timer to turn the water supply on and off at the same time every day for one minute.

  • Sprinklers Clean Grass

    Two pop up sprinklers rinse the grass clean with 3 gallons of fresh water.

  • Water Drains Away

    The water runs out the included drain hose to a nearby floor drain, rain gutter, or flower bed.

  • Drain Hose

    Both Premium and Standard versions come with the 14 foot drain hose included. This allows any water and urine to be rinsed down the drian automatically.

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  • Indoor Catch Basin

    If you don't have a convenient place to run the water (patio drain, gutter, neighbor's balcony below), then the Indoor Catch Basin is for you.

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Which Porch Potty Works Best For You?

Our at-a-glance comparison takes the guess work out of which model suits you and your pooch best.

Small Porch Potty

Porch Potty Standard

Porch Potty Premium

Scented Fire Hydrant

Synthetic Grass Included

Stylish Outdoor Wicker Design

Sprinkler Rinsing System

Rinse Manually

Automatic 14' Drain Hose

Removable Catch Basin

Optional Optional

Training Sod

Optional Optional Optional
  • Synthetic Grass

    Made from waterproof nylon strands with a latex backing, perforated for easy draining.

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  • Scented Fire Hydrant

    Gives your dog a scented visual cue to get them going in the right direction. Literally.

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  • Flexible Drain Hose

    14’ in length, the drain hose gives you ample distance to direct urine waste away from your nose.

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