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  • The World’s 12 Most Popular Dog Breeds

    Ever wonder where your pup's breed ranks on the popularity scale? We did too! So we did some digging to see what dogs you'll likely see based on where you are in the world.

  • 12 Paw-fect Presents for Your Dog

    Your dog deserves the very best, and we believe we fit that bill when it comes to offering products that are both practical and last. Check out our top 12 bestsellers for ideas on how to spoil your four legged friend even more than you already do!

    With all the hub-bub of the holidays, it's easy to get caught up and miss little things that could turn into very big things if your curious pup gets a hold of them. Keep track of these holiday hazards and be 12 steps closer to an emergency-free holiday.
  • 12 Christmas-Themed Names for Your New Dog

    Bring home a puppy for Christmas? We've got a few choice names to commemorate the holiday season for your dog!
  • The 12 Dogs of Christmas

    Our own rendition of the popular Christmas Classic. What happens when Portia Pottie's true love showers her with Christmas pups?
  • What to do When Your House-Trained Dog Starts Having Accidents in the House

    It's very frustrating when you think that house-training your dog is long behind you, only have accidents in the house pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. The Porch Potty Community chimes in with tested advice on how to handle it when your adult dog suddenly starts having accidents in the home.
  • How to take the BRRR out of winter potty breaks!

    Take the bite out freezing potty breaks this winter with Porch Potty.