TURFtastic: the first enzymatic cleaner specially formulated for dog potties

TURFtastic: the first enzymatic cleaner specially formulated for dog potties.

Many pet owners assume that unpleasant odors are simply part of inviting a furry friend into your family. Thanks so TURFtastic, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

What is TURFtastic?

TURFtastic is an enzymatic cleaner, specifically formulated for use with dog potties.

Enzymatic cleaner has been a buzzword in the pet care industry for quite some time. They’re a category of cleaners that break down protein-based messes like urine and feces using enzymes, eliminating stains and odors in the process.

There is a downside to many enzymatic cleaners that makes them not suitable for dog potties, many rely on added fragrances to mask odors. These fragrances are often so subtle that we humans can’t smell them, but the sensitive noses of our beloved dogs do.

If used on dog potties, these fragrances can actually work to discourage our dogs from using them! TURFtastic is one of the few enzymatic cleaners that contains no fragrances. We allow the natural process of odor-eating enzymes to work its magic.

The scent of a dog’s potty place is especially important. We want to encourage only natural scents so that they are not deterred from using their Porch Potty.

Can TURFtastic be used other places?


Our unique formula was awarded the Carpet Rug Institute Seal of Approval, meaning it's safe for all carpets and rugs. It can be used safely on walls, concrete, tile and wood surfaces, too.

It's a great cleaner also for pet stains on sofas, chairs, and even beds. TURFtastic is also effective for decks and other surfaces where a dog may have an accident (or a cat for that matter).

Is TURFtastic safe?

Because our formula only contains natural ingredients, it’s non-toxic to both children and pets. This also means that it’s safe for our environment, a feature that is very important to all of us at Porch Potty.

How do you use TURFtastic?

We’ve made cleaning with TURFtastic as simple as possible. Spray on the inside of your Porch Potty after rinsing it out, replace your synthetic grass and you’re done! The enzymes are left to do their work, you are left with a fresh smelling porch or balcony and your dog is left with an inviting place to do their business.

That’s a win/win/win!

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