Tips to keep your Porch Potty smelling Fresh

Tips to keep your Porch Potty smelling Fresh

You’ve seen our Porch Potty online. You think it’s a great idea and would love to get one for your dynamite doggo.

But will it start to stink?

No one wants a smelly balcony or porch. As much as you love your furry family, dealing with constant smell of urine and feces doesn’t rank very high on your list of favorite things to do.

While there isn’t a one-size fits all solution, do these things to keep your Porch Potty fresh and odor-free:

Regularly rinsing. We could not have made cleaning any easier. Our perforated synthetic grass and draining system prevents urine and waste water from pooling, discouraging the build up of odor-causing proteins or bacteria.

Clean with an enzymatic cleaner. Sometimes, no matter how often and thoroughly you rinse your Porch Potty, proteins in waste can build up over time causing a lingering odor. TURFtastic is an enzymatic cleaner formulated specifically for use with Porch Potty, breaking down those smelly proteins and restoring your balcony or porch to its original smell-free area.

Keep replacements on hand. A lot of factors can affect how strong your dog’s urine may smell. Their inherent chemistry, illness, diet and hydration levels can come into play, causing strong, persistent odors. Keep extra synthetic grass or flex tubing handy for those times when you just want a fresh start.

Follow these tips consistently and you’ll find the routine that works for you and your pampered pooch. Warmer, more humid climates typically need more frequent cleaning and replacements. Your dog’s unique body chemistry and circumstances will affect frequency as well.

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