6 Things to Do With Your Dog on Love Your Dog Day

6 Things to Do With Your Dog on Love Your Dog Day

Everyone thinks that February is for Valentine’s Day. And who wouldn’t when the heart-shaped red and pink chocolate boxes hit the stores two weeks after New Year’s? Whether you’re single or taken, we’re all over Valentine’s Day at some point. 

The good news is that Love Your Dog Day isn’t far behind on February 20th! So if you’re ready for a new tradition this year, check out these six ideas to celebrate you and your dog’s first Love Your Dog Day! 

Bake treats

There’s nothing easier than baking treats for your dog to show them how much you love them. You know your dog’s favorite flavors. So whether it’s peanut butter, bacon, or both, put some extra love in a batch of treats. And by love, we mean let your pup lick the spoon and pile on the bacon toppings for their biscuits! 

Speaking of peanut butter and bacon, you can get your baking inspiration from our list of delicious treats that your dog will love. 

Go on a Long Walk and Let Them Sniff Everything

We all know that when we’re on walks with our dog, they stop to sniff absolutely everything. Every blade of grass, all of the beautiful flowers, and even the pile of leaves scattered on sidewalk. We may not have time during our busy lives to let them sniff and explore everything in sight, but to show your dog love, take the time to let them sniff all the things

Dogs need to explore their surroundings, and sniffing everything around them is a large part of that. When dogs must stop and sniff along the trail, it’s because they’re gaining valuable information about the area. They want to pick up on things, like how many other dogs were previously there or if there are any threats they should be aware of. Allowing them to stop and sniff calms their anxieties about possible dangers and increases their confidence. So the next time you’re walking your dog, be patient and let them do their thing. 

Snuggle and Watch Dog Movies

Do you know the top dog movies of all time that you must watch? Show your dog some love by snuggling, eating your favorite snacks, and watching dog movies. Just like us, dogs love cozy time on the couch, so give your pup a baked treat, pop up the popcorn for yourself, and have a movie marathon. 

Don’t know which movies to watch? There are dozens of movies about dogs, but lucky for you, we narrowed it down to the top twelve you must see

Dog Massage

Did you know that massages benefit dogs just as much as humans? Whether it’s for muscle pain, anxiety, or purely relaxation, taking your dog to a massage therapist for dogs (or learning how to do it yourself) is a great way to spend quality time with your dog. 

If you can’t find a dog massage therapist, it’s easy to give your dog a massage. All you have to do is sit with your dog in a quiet area of your apartment or home. They must feel calm during the massage, so if they seem uncomfortable or scared, this won’t be the activity for them. Start by petting your dog with the palms of your hands and use long, sweeping motions where they like to be petted like their head, belly, or back. 

Get a Puppuccino

If you’re going to treat yourself to a venti frappe, you’ve got to treat your pup during your next coffee run! Of course, dogs can’t have coffee, but they can have a Puppuccino at Starbucks. Give them a sweet cool whip treat to show how much you love them. 

Not a fan of coffee? If Starbucks isn’t your usual stop, buy some cool whip at the store and make Puppuccinos at home! Just make sure you don’t give your dog too much. Larger dogs can have a serving of one cup and smaller dogs shouldn’t have more than a spoonful. If you’ve never given your dog cool whip, give them a small spoonful to make sure it won’t upset their stomach. 

Doggie Double Date

Do you have friends with dogs? Plan a fun outing, even if it’s cold outside! You could have a play date at your apartment or house and let the dogs play together inside. If there’s a cafe nearby that allows dogs, grab a coffee for you and your friend while your dogs enjoy a casual outing. Cafes that allow dogs usually have a special item on the menu just for them, so make sure they also get a treat! 

Now that you have these six ideas to celebrate Love Your Dog Day, you can make this a new tradition! Skip Valentines Day and give that love to your dog instead. After all, they’ll never break your heart. 

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