Quality, style and construction that lasts a lifetime

Stylish Functionality

It doesn’t take long to see the difference between Porch Potty and other products on the market. You’ll see everything from flimsy cardboard to nothing more than a tray with synthetic grass over top. And then, there’s Porch Potty.

Porch Potty is a sturdy and durable dog potty that looks great and is easy to clean. Looking through more than 8,000 five star reviews, you’ll find happy customers, all addressing the quality and sharp style of Porch Potty. The look of it was what attracted Maurucio, from Alberta, Canada, “It looks really good, almost like a little yard, elegant even. And on top of that, it works like a charm!”

Wicker-resin designed for durability

When Brandon invented the Porch Potty, he knew he wanted something that was built to last.

“The wicker-resin we use for Porch Potty is a special polyethylene that includes a special UV protectant,” Brandon explains, “It keeps the Porch Potty from fading or cracking under the sun's UV rays, keeping the Porch Potty looking good for years to come.

The base of Porch Potty is weighted to not only remain stable when dogs hop up and down, it also prevents it getting kicked around by some dogs’ instinct to “bury” their mess.

“I can tell you is that I have owned a porch potty since 2012 and I live in Ohio,” says Jay Fishman, whose Porch Potty is going on its tenth year, “I live in the snowbelt.  My large porch potty has survived the freezing cold winters and hot summers for 9 of them!”

Built to last a lifetime

Our dogs share our home for a very long time (although it never seems quite long enough), your dog’s designated potty place should last his/her lifetime as well! It’s not uncommon to see a review saying customers have had their Porch Potty for ten years.

Lee in Arizona shared this, “Bought my porch potty so many many years ago. Love it, love it!”


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