Dogs aren’t called our best friends for nothing. They’re not only our companions and furbabies, but they can also act as our guardians through life. Check out these twelve dogs who touched the lives of humans in the most magical way. You’ll be asking yourself, “Who saved who?” 

1. Bella’s Story

Bella was found as a puppy struggling for survival in the River Trent in England. Her leash had been tied to a submerged rock, believed to be left there to drown. After two dog walkers rescued her, Bella captured the hearts of the nation with her remarkable recovery. She was put into the care of an older couple, where she lived the rest of her life full of love. Bella’s major turnaround from being abandoned to loving everyone around her is truly a life lesson in forgiveness and positivity that we can all apply to our lives. 

2. Naida the dog protects her human sister

If there’s one place most of us wouldn’t dare to go, it’s Siberia. Full of dangers like bears and wolves, its frigid temperatures are nothing to scoff at either. For 5-year-old Karina, getting lost in the wilderness near her home could have been much worse if not for her family’s dog, Naida. When Karina had to take shelter in the long grass for the days she was missing, Naida stayed by her side and protected her from wild animals. The dog only left Karina to seek help after nine days in the outdoors. When rescuers found paw prints belonging to Naida in the muddy area, they knew they were close and quickly found Karina. 

3. Kelsey the Goldie saves her owner

On New Year’s Eve 2017, Bob would have lost his life if not for his beloved dog, Kelsey. Late in the Michigan night, Bob went out to his backyard to pick up a few logs for his fireplace. But his quick trip outside turned into a 20-hour ordeal when he slipped and broke his neck, leaving him paralyzed on the frozen ground. He yelled for help, but his neighbors weren’t able to hear his calls. But Kelsey heard him loud and clear. She jumped into action by barking for help when Bob no longer had the strength to shout. Although it was only 24 degrees outside, Kelsey stayed by Bob’s side and kept him warm by lying on top of him. When he slipped out of consciousness, Kelsey licked his face to keep him awake. Eventually, by the next morning, a neighbor heard Kelsey’s howls for help, and Bob was rushed to the hospital where he made a miraculous recovery. 

4. Sleeping boy with Diabetes is saved by his dog

Young Luke never thought his canine companion, Jedi, would save his life. When he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Luke’s parents adopted Jedi as a service dog. One night, while the family was asleep, Luke’s blood sugar levels were falling quickly. Even though his glucose monitor indicated that he was okay, Jedi knew something was wrong. He woke Luke’s mother and she was able to give her son a glucose tablet. If not for Jedi, young Luke wouldn’t be with us today. 

5. Max the dog takes a bullet for owner

Do you ever wonder if a dog would take a bullet for you in a moment of danger? For Osmar of Brazil, his dog didn’t flinch when his owner’s life was threatened. Osmar was attacked by two thieves who demanded his truck at gunpoint. When he refused, one of the thieves shot him. Luckily, the bullet only grazed his forehead but that was enough for Max to leap into action and attack. Max scared them away and took three bullets for Osmar in the process. He remains Osmar’s hero today. 

6. Dog alerts family to fire

While pet sitting for her friend’s dog, Bandit, Jennifer never imagined how crucial her good deed would be later that night. Her husband, Rich, put a plastic hairbrush in a pot of water over the stove to disinfect it for her. But the boiling hairbrush continued to boil into the night until there was no water left in the pot. The family had forgotten to turn the stove off and the brush burned toxic smoke throughout the house. Their brand new smoke detectors never went off, but they had Bandit to come to their rescue. He barked and alerted Jennifer of the smoke and the family was able to escape. 

7. Hero saves family from electrical fire

This family never thought their dog, who they saved from being put down after a broken leg, would save their lives only months later. When an electrical fire broke out in the middle of the night, the dog named Hero began barking to wake up her family to the smoke. The family later remarked that their dog is usually quiet at night, so it alerted them to an emergency right away.
Talk about getting a second chance! 

8. Angel Dog saves boy from cougar

For young Austin of British Columbia, Canada, his dog was truly an angel. When collecting firewood in his backyard with his canine companion, a cougar appeared and began walking towards the 11-year-old boy. His Golden Retriever, Angel, immediately stepped in and stopped the cougar from pouncing. Although Angel sustained injuries, she made a full recovery. 

9. Dog saves owner from bike accident

After Paul, an avid biker, hit a nine-inch curb and suffered a concussion, his Golden Retriever was the only one around to help. Yogi stayed by Paul’s side until he instructed the dog to “go get” his wife, Sharon. After a while, Yogi finally darted to get help. Although Paul wasn’t able to make a full recovery, he credits Yogi with saving his life. To this day, the two are inseparable. 

10.Rescue Dog helps owner through depression

When Maya rescued a little Beagle puppy from Spain, she never knew the impact the dog would have on her life. Maya says that Effie saved her from debilitating depression, encouraging her to go on walks and keeping her company. So when Effie was diagnosed with cancer, Maya knew she had a major favor to repay. She began a fund for her beloved dog, where many have donated to the cause. Even when the task seems impossible, Maya is inspired to keep going to save Effie’s life. 

11. Order of Merit rewarded to hero dog

12 years ago, a car accident left Kerry with severe back pain and depression. But he says that even at his lowest, his dog Max gave him a “reason to live.” Now the dog is being rewarded with an animal equivalent of an Order of Merit for providing inspiration and comfort to people going through difficult times. Max has become a social media hit after Kerry started sharing pictures and videos of their adventures, showing that anyone can still get something positive out of life after a tragedy. Max has met over 10,000 people in person and continues to touch the lives of people around the world. 

12. Two Labs save an older woman from stroke

Maureen never would have known that the two Black Labradors she had adopted just two months prior would have saved her from a stroke. The older woman was living alone, so she decided to adopt the dogs, Bella and Sadie, for company. One day, she suddenly collapsed in her home and was unable to shout for help. Her two Labs took off out the front door and led a neighbor back to the home. Maureen received medical help just in time and credits her survival to Bella and Sadie. 

Aren’t those stories amazing? We can all take a lesson from each of these amazing dogs who stepped up to save their owners. Whether the task seemed impossible, these dogs didn’t give up to find help! 

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