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Why most dog owners choose Porch Potty


Your dog will love having his grass area so close. No more holding it while you are gone at work or sleeping. No more going outside during the middle of the night. It adds the convenience of a backyard without having one.

Two Drainage Options

The built-in drainage system can be used outdoors or indoors. Use the 14 foot drain hose if you have a patio drain or rain gutter nearby. If not, buy the Indoor Catch Basin to collect the liquids below the Porch Potty. Both are completely interchangeable.

Complete Automation

A Porch Potty Premium rinses and drains itself automatically. With the optional water timer, the pop up water jets turn themselves on and off everyday. The grass area floods with one inch of water before the drain empties it, leaving the grass fresh and odor free. This "Flood and Drain" feature is only available with Porch Potty.

Low Price

The Porch Potty is the lowest price when considering SIZE, FEATURES, and DESIGN.

Easy to Keep Clean

After picking up any solids, a few gallons of water 3 times a week is all that is needed to keep your Porch Potty clean and odor free. No soap or harsh chemicals are necessary.

Real Grass or Synthetic Grass

Each Porch Potty includes synthetic grass, but we also offer real grass called Training Sod. The Training Sod was designed specifically for Porch Potty and is great for training or just a dog who likes the real thing.

Everything Included

Why buy everything separately, when you can save money and get it all included. For no extra charge Porch Potty includes the scented fire hydrant, long drain hose, and synthetic grass for one low price.

Standard Premium
Automatic Drain Hose (14 ft length)
Includes Scented Fire Hydrant
Can Be Used Outdoors
Available in Both Sizes: Small and Large
Includes Synthetic Grass
Can Be Used With Live Training Sod
Can Be Used Indoors
Indoor Catch Basin Add On
Sprinkler Rinsing System

Customers Emailed Us:"Hello, A couple of days ago I received the Porch Potty and I am so excited to tell you that both dogs used it instantly. I was shocked to notice that within 30 seconds my oldest dog who is blind and cannot smell walked right up to it and used it. A moment later my second dog used it. I cannot tell you how happy I am with your product. I just moved into a condo and wanted something for the dogs to use on the patio. Presto! Porch Potty to the rescue. Thank you so much." Sincerely, Tammy Ashmore Dogs, Mayzie and Dominoe

Customers Emailed Us:"I just received the Porch Potty for my rather large Maltese, named Bentley. I love it and so does he. After I set it up, my cat thought it was a new place for her to lounge in the sun! Thankfully, Bentley hadn't used it yet! Prior to receiving the Porch Potty, I was using a grass type of carpet on my balcony. I had to rinse it down and then go down the the driveway and rinse that down, not to mention the smell. I threw that out immediately and replaced it with the much more practical Porch Potty. I will recommend it to everyone I know, who has the need for one. Thanks again. I am extremely pleased." Sincerely, Pamela

Porch Potty vs Other Litter Boxes

Brand Size Drainage Rinsing System Grass Price
Porch Potty - Standard 52" x 28" Self Draining - 14' drain tube AND indoor Catch Basin No Synthetic Grass Included Buy Now!
Porch Potty - Premium 52" x 28" Self Draining - 14' tube to direct water to nearest drain Yes - Self irrigating system with optional water timer Synthetic Grass Included Buy Now!
Pet Patio Potty 56" x 38" None - USES LITTER!!! No NO GRASS INCLUDED $571.45 (CAD) + shipping!!!
Classic Penthouse Dog Potty 41" x 41" Pan to empty every day No Included $688.60 (CAD) + $71.59 (CAD) shipping!!
Pooch Potty 48" x 72" None - must be cleaned everyday No NO GRASS INCLUDED $357.97 (CAD) + $71.59 (CAD) per week for sod
Piddle Place 30" x 19" Drain self contained, entire unit must be dumped No Synthetic Grass Included $130.17 (CAD) + $39.05 (CAD)
Patio Park 26" x 56" None - must be cleaned everyday. No NO GRASS INCLUDED $363.17(CAD) + $63.78 (CAD) for synthetic grass
The PetLoo 33" x 33" Flimsy pan to empty every day No Synthetic Grass Included $219(CAD) + $65.09 (CAD) for replacement turf